On June 3rd we will co-host a talk by Alan Liu; please join us!

“This is Not a Book: Long Forms of Attention in the Digital Age”
Alan Liu (UC Santa Barbara)

Tuesday June 3, 11:00-12:30,

Location: UCR INTS 1113

Co-sponsored by Critical Digital Humanities

This talk is free and open to the public.

A common response to an electronic book or other digital media is that, while it may be better or worse than a book, “this is not a book.”  But digital media has the uncanny effect of making us realize that physical books themselves were never truly books–if by “book” we mean a long form of attention designed for the permanent, standard, and authoritative communication of human thought or experience.  This talk  will outline methods for discovering and tracking socially repeatable and valued “long forms of attention” whether in books or other constellations of materials, in the past or the digital present. 

The talk  will conclude with a look at the RoSE (Research-oriented Social Environment) created by a team at the University of California, Santa Barbara, directed by Liu.