The archive, as both an organizer of knowledge and a historical place, is a problematic category–one which this inaugural and international workshop will address.

In Global Archivalities we will be discussing comparative approaches to record-keeping in pre-modern societies, including materials and methodologies used by these past ‘archives’ as well as modern-day terminologies and frameworks for understanding these phenomena.

Please come discuss these issues with us!

General Information

When? Tuesday, May 7th at 9:00 AM-11:30AM

Where? History Department Library, HMNSS 1304, UCR

To read the pre-circulated papers,  if you have any questions, or if you want guest access to the Adobe Connect site, please contact Heather at

Refreshments will be provided.


9:00 AM–Welcome and Opening Statement: Randolph Head, UC Riverside

9:10 AM–Introduction of Presenter Sites and their Projects

9:40 AM–Terminology: a response/critique to Head’s framework: Arndt Brendecke: escaping the term ‘archive’? and Diego Navarro: Imágen: expanding the scope of archivality?

10:00 AM–Discussion

10:30 AM–Break

10:40 AM–Getting Beyond Europe: conceptual vocabularies and frameworks: Hilde de Weerdt and Konrad Hirschler

11:00 AM–Discussion

11:20 AM–Closing Remarks with Fillipo de Vivo and Jake Soll